Citizen’s response to February Council Meeting

Response from a concerned citizen, Charles Love

Mayor, Your condescending remarks to Randy Kugler in the last council meeting has sown up my ”no” vote for anything you come up with for a new city hall. I know people who have big degrees and little common sense. Look at the people in the current Democratic party in Washington, DC. Wanting to spend money that they do not have nor will ever have. It is not their money, similar to the situation here in Manzanita. Mr. Mayor it is not your money. You just do not want to deal with someone as smart as Randy who supports fiduciary responsibility. You prefer “yes” men, hence your appointment of Chip Greening. So how many of the people who work for the City have degrees? What an arrogant statement:

“In my previous career in financial services business, I interviewed and hired several hundred people in my career. The process that I used to go through is I look at the resumes, when I see resumes that are incomplete, hand written, do not have a resume attached, I don’t know who they are, they don’t reach out and call me and say, “I’m interested in serving on the budget committee, can I reach you and tell you how we can assist the city and the civilians of the city?” Those resumes go to the bottom of the pile. On the top of the pile, go resumes that are typewritten, complete, the resumes attached, and they pick up the phone and call me and say, “Mike, I like to sit down and meet with you and talk to you about how I can add value to the city’s budget committee.” Those resumes tend to go to the top.”

Remember you live in a small community not in Portland.

“Now tonight I’m going to appoint Chip Greening to the budget committee. He’s a graduate of Stanford. He’s worked as a turnaround CEO on two corporations dealing with restructuring and debt obligations. He was a general manager for Public Power Council, which represented 115 different PUDs and he’s an attorney. Chip’s here tonight, raise your hand Chip. Thank you. Kathryn couldn’t be with us tonight. Kathryn spent 26 years at Nike planning, developing and approving large $100 million budgets. I think the two of them will get a fresh face to the budget when we go into these discussions. I ask for approval to the consent agenda”.

That statement is even worse. Your pompous attitude is why you will not get another vote from me. You have destroyed your credibility by insulting Randy and others who live here and don’t meet your standards for your elitist opinion of people. You are no different than anyone else here in town.

“The City’s present administrative and public safety facilities are both inadequate and at risk in the event of an earthquake and tsunami. To most of the City’s sensible citizens, it only makes sense to consolidate operations on higher ground. Since the Council has not yet selected a design architect, we will have a chance to provide our feedback when the selected architect presents proposals at public meetings next year”.

Chip Greening insulting the residence of Manzanita. Obviously it is easier for you to insult the common folk and call us insensible, similar to deplorable and uneducated. Reason for his appointment and Kathryn. Big deal he is a lawyer! I have known thousands of lawyers in my career. Most of them lacking common sense. Go ahead keep feeding your ego and losing support.

Charles Love