Challengers Letter To Manzanita Residents

Vote for Change

October 7, 2020

Manzanita voters spoke loud and clear last November when they overwhelmingly rejected the bond measure proposed by the mayor and city council.

Now, we are having our first contested election for mayor in 22 years. Some have said that a contested election shows disrespect for the current office-holders. No. We believe that it’s merely democracy in action, a chance for voters to choose their representatives.

You deserve a local government that represents your interests and proactively seeks your input – one that stays connected to the citizens it serves. If we had had that last November, there would not have been such a wide gap between what the council proposed and what voters rejected.

We have pledged throughout our campaign to bring greater transparency to our local government, to be fiscally responsible and to be inclusive. We do not presume to know what is right for Manzanita. We will work with our talented, creative and well-informed residents to determine the best way forward – together.

  • We have proposed a range of options for a new city hall and a process to gather input by mail from all residents. Summaries of these options can be found at New City Hall Options.
  • We have proposed a hard cap on the number of short-term rentals in town and will seek approval from residents to implement this. Together we can reconsider the proper balance between our reliance on STR tax revenue and the impact it has on the quality of life for Manzanita residents. STR Proposal
  • We will re-examine the current rules governing city council meetings to ensure they provide meaningful opportunities for public input, encourage substantive discussion and debate among councilors, and promote transparency. 

Just like the three incumbents, we are campaigning as a team. We do not agree on everything, and we consider that a strength. The three of us will bring different skills and experience to our positions, which will ensure productive discussion and accountability. But we share core values about what city government should be. We agree emphatically that the will of the voters should be respected, and that the support of residents is critical in making sound decisions on significant policy issues.

We will listen to and respect the opinions of Manzanita residents. We will reach out to our second home-owners, our business-owners and our visitors, all of whom are vital parts of our community. We will work with Councilors Kozlowski and Nuttall to ensure a smooth transition. 

We are grateful for your consideration, and, as always, invite you to contact any of us with questions, suggestions or comments about our positions and priorities.


Scott Galvin, for Mayor  – to email me click here

Randy Kugler, for Councilor – to email me click here

Jerry Spegman, for Councilor – to email me click here

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