Candidates for Manzanita

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Scott Galvin, Mayor

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Randy Kugler, Council

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Jerry Spegman, Council

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Mike Scott, Mayor

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Thomas Aschenbrener, Council

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Hans Tonjes, Council

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Scott Galvin  Contact

Scott Galvin has announced his intention to run for mayor of Manzanita in this fall’s election. Galvin sums up his platform as follows:

“I consider the voice of the residents of Manzanita to be paramount. I believe the city council is a conduit for the will of the residents.

“I’m financially conservative and socially liberal. I’m an environmentalist and I’m your neighbor. If elected, I will listen more than I speak, and I will utilize public meetings and mailed surveys to gather data to gain consensus, to ensure that I am representing you appropriately. All data will be transparent.”

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”

It is my hope that we will join hands, do the right thing and build a village with a conscience.

Randy Kugle  Contact

Randy Kugler has announced his intention to run for one of two open Manzanita City Council seats in the November election. Kugler outlines his platform:

“I have spent 32 years working in Oregon municipal government. I know how a city functions and I know how to dig to get answers that make sense. As a member of the city council, I plan to devote my energy to all of the issues facing our city, with a specific focus on improving fiscal accountability and engaging citizens in creative problem-solving.

“If you wish to ask questions at a council meeting, I will see that you get that opportunity. I will ask questions of fellow councilors, staff and consultants. If I don’t get reasonable answers, I will ask more questions to ensure that I and, more importantly you, leave a meeting better-informed and confident that the best explanation was given and the decision that was arrived at made sense.

“I believe in researching and securing the best information available on a subject and applying that information to develop solutions that make the most sense for the majority of people affected by those decisions.

“I have always found folks in Manzanita do not need to be told what to think and are quite capable of forming their own opinions about the character and relevant experience of our city’s leaders. I appreciate your consideration.”


Jerry Spegman  Contact

Jerry Spegman has announced his candidacy for one of the two open Manzanita City Council seats. He offers his reasons why:

“When Scott Galvin and Randy Kugler announced their plans to run for city office, they called for more transparency from our elected representatives, and committed to actively engage citizens in addressing our collective challenges. I share these goals and believe I can add to the mix of perspectives, skills and experiences offered by Scott and Randy.

“In October 2017, I attended the community workshop at Pine Grove that kicked off Manzanita’s planning process for a new city hall. It was an awe-inspiring display of civic engagement, with a large, spirited crowd offering many creative ideas. Two years later, in an off-year, special election with only one item on the ballot, just under 80% of Manzanita voters turned out in another astonishing demonstration of civic engagement. These two events are not surprising, because our town is blessed with an abundance of smart, talented, informed people – some who have lived here for decades, many who have moved here from around the country.

“Something went wrong between the Pine Grove meeting in 2017 and the overwhelming defeat of the bond measure in 2019. Elected leaders anywhere can get out of step with their constituents, but that shouldn’t happen in a town like ours. There are too many people here willing to speak up, contribute and participate.

I am running for City Council to listen carefully, to tap into the energy and resources we have here and to help capitalize on our many community assets. In a town with so many interesting and informed voices wanting to be heard, it will be hard to please everyone. But we can do better than we did between the Pine Grove meeting and the vote last November.


Mike Scott  Contact

Mike Scott Seeks Reelection as Manzanita Mayor

I am announcing today my candidacy for another term as Mayor of Manzanita.

While we are fortunate to live in a great community in a beautiful part of the world we must acknowledge that we face some serious challenges.

We continue to be in a global pandemic with the economic chaos that goes with it. As we move into a reopening phase we must acknowledge that this emergency is likely to continue into next year.

I have the experience needed to lead the community through the next few difficult years.

I have local experience in both non-profits and local government, including:

– Eight years on the Rinehart Clinic board and two years as president

– Service on the board of The Riverbend Players

– I currently serve on the Tillamook County budget committee

– I previously served eight years on the Manzanita City Council, three years on the Manzanita Planning Commission and chaired the Manzanita Safety Committee.

And most recently, I led our community through a 72-day state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I also will do everything in my power to facilitate a community-wide process that leads to the design and construction of essential new city facilities that are built in a timely, civil and fiscally responsible manner.

I have learned a great deal as a member of the Council and as Mayor and I will apply that experience to keep Manzanita a great community.

I ask for your vote in November.

Thomas Aschenbrener  Contact

I love the community of people in Manzanita and am eager to continue my work on the City Council to finish the commitments we have made to the residents in our prioritized strategic plan for 2020-21. 

My previous work in health policy and non-profit and governmental processes is serving me well in addressing the issues before the Council. The Council’s immediate response to COVID-19 has each of the council members addressing different aspects of this emergency that is having a major affect our community today and will into the future. My immediate assignment is to monitor and support our response to food security and indicators of community health. My 40 year career in philanthropy and public health policy give me access to many of the informational experts we need  to inform the decisions make today.      

Our first priority is the health and safety of the community. As part of this we have set as our first priority,  building a new city hall as an essential project for the safety of our staff and the efficient operation of our city offices especially in emergency times such as these. All of us on the council are working towards this goal in 2021. 

I encourage people to contact me to set up a FaceTime or Zoom meeting with me to discuss any questions they might have about my work on the City Council.


Hans Tonjes  Contact

I remain passionate about my service to our community. Manzanita has been in my heart for 50 years now, my principal residence for the last 25. I have helped grow a family and a strong business community here. Developing the first phase of Coast Cabins and more recently the mixed use projects at 144, 457 and 507 Laneda have occupied much of the last 20 years of my life. I have strived to balance community interests among locals, second home owners and visitors.

My concern for the health and welfare of our broader community is born from 9 years as a past board member and Treasurer of the Rinehart Clinic. Over the years I have endeavored to become more involved in the success and financial support of several or our local non profit organizations. My hope is that local government can continue to be responsive to the ever changing challenges of the current pandemic while increasing our preparedness for many of the other potential emergencies our community may encounter.

Prior to the last 8 years I have spent on the Manzanita City Council I served on the Planning Commission for over 4 years. I am proud that during that time I was able to lead the update to our commercial parking ordinance that created an incentive for developers to actually carve larger lots into smaller properties, thereby increasing landscaping and reducing density. The winery at 3rd and Laneda and twin buildings at 507 Laneda are examples of lots that were divided to follow this incentive.

For many years a top priority of Council has been the creation of a new City Hall. I look forward to using my experience as a general contractor, local developer and Realtor to continue this process. I invite any member of the community to come and meet with me face to face (mask to mask!) and share their thoughts about our village and hopes for its future. Please get in touch.

Every best wish, Hans Tonjes